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Quality Home Inspections
and More Valuable Services
for Home Buyers & Sellers
A Professional Home
Inspection is a vital part of
purchasing a new or existing
home. Why would you buy the
most expensive item you will
likely ever own without
knowing it's true condition? A
Piedmont Home Services, Inc.
home inspection will enable
you to make the most informed
decision when purchasing or
selling your home

Our Certified Home Inspector
will assist you in
understanding the systems and
required maintenance of your
home while informing you of
any system or structural
problems BEFORE they
become costly for you to repair.

Your inspection will generally
take between two and three
hours, depending on the
home's size and age and will
be completed with a walk
through of the property
showing any problems or
deficiencies. A concise,
easy-to-read and understand
nine-page report will be
provided to both the buyer and
agent at the time of the
inspection along with a
detailed Home Owner's Guide
that will aid you in performing
future routine maintenance on
your new investment.
To schedule an inspection, please call
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